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You can count on SAFEST 1 DRIVING COLLEGE to provide the absolute best training available. We offer old fashion family values, honesty, and integrity combined with TECHNOLOGY and STYLE to both our customers and our employees.

Take advantage of our PROVEN EXPERIENCE and competitive rates and allow us to safely steer you through the next millennium.

Walter Branch has been instructing student drivers for 17+ years and has logged more than 2 million training miles in 50,000 hours of riding shotgun for would-be licensed drivers without a single accident or traffic ticket. Walter is not a rich man, nor is he famous. Yet, among his associates, he is felt to be rich in moral values, with a firm belief in the Christian ethic, while ever remaining modest and humble. Walter's early years gave clear indication that he was special. The oldest of 11 children, he was soon called upon to assist raising his siblings. Yet he found time to counsel others, especially assisting youth who needed homes and a direction in life. When he initiated work at a Driving School, he was soon recognized as a leader not missing a single day in 15+ years, while often standing in for others. Branch has taught a wide range of students from age 15 to 99, thoroughly training each to ensure their safety and that of the driving public. He has also been recognized in the local media for his outstanding achievements. Walter's co-workers state that he is not viewed as a manager, but rather as a coach of a team that has excelled since he took over. While accomplishing the above, he has also invented a tool that will assist instructors nationwide, capturing the essence of good driving techniques. He is our coach, but foremost in our minds is that he is a real man, manifesting values of strength, honesty, hard work, honor, and dignity.

Safest1 Driving College

In 2000 the DRIVING SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA (DSAC) presented the SAFEST 1 DRIVING COLLEGE founding and principle Driver Education Instructor, Walter Branch with the first ever INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD